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Midgardsormr ist der erste Drache aus Dragalia Lost, der in der Story erscheint und damit der erste Drache, mit dem man eine Verbindung eingeht. Er ist von Typ Wind und hat eine Seltenheit von 4.


Midgardsormr ist ein grüner Westlicher Drache.


Warnung! Die folgenden Ingame-Storys könnten Spoiler beinhalten. Wenn du das Spiel noch nicht bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt gespielt hast, dass du die Storys freigeschaltet hast, bietet es sich nicht an, diese zu lesen.

Da das Spiel derzeit nur auf Englisch spielbar ist, ist die Story auch nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar.

Part 1

Long ago, dragons reigned supreme

over Grastaea. Humanity, left with

little land where it could dwell in

safety, merely did its best to survive.

For the dragons were blessed with

incredible power and would often

inadvertently induce terrible disasters

upon the land.

One such dragon was the Windwyrm.

Also known as the lord of maelstroms,

he was infamous for summoning

great gales to mark his territory.

On an evening following such a gale,

the Windwyrm came home to find a

young human washed up on the

riverbank near his lair.

The Windwyrm thought he must have

been fishing but was still puzzled—

for no human from the nearby village

ever dared to brave the night when

the Windwyrm was about.

The dragon carried the human back

to his lair. After a time, the young

man's eyes flickered open.

"You're the Windwyrm," said the man,

who seemed utterly unperturbed to

find himself facing the dragon.

"The legends said you could be

found at the heart of the storm."

"Tell me of the greater world," the

human continued. "For you have

seen many centuries and must have

knowledge beyond our tales."

Many years had passed since the fall

of the Dane dynasty that once ruled

the land. Their culture eroded by the

flow of time, the elders spoke only

of legends, for it was all they knew.

"How bothersome," sighed the

Windwyrm. Yet he began to speak

of the world and its past, and the

bright-eyed youth absorbed each

word eagerly.

On and on they talked, until a ray of

light pierced the gap between them.

Turning toward its source, they saw

the sun rise over a distant horizon.

The Windwyrm knew time was short.

The villagers would be stirring soon,

which meant the youth would leave,

and they would never speak again.

Such was the order of things.

But as the Windwyrm had brought the

youth to his lair, it fell to him to see

that he was returned home. He could

not simply abandon him now.

Abruptly, the youth looked toward his

village. The Windwyrm expected to

hear him express a desire to return

home, but his eyes were firmly fixed


Part 2

After listening to the Windwyrm speak

of the wider world, the youth stood.

He faced his village, but his eyes

stared into the distance.

Awestruck, the young man spoke:

"I did not understand the world to be

so vast, nor my village so small. Up

here, I feel as if I can see everything."

This was not the case, of course.

Had the youth known of the peaks

that dwarfed the dragon's den, he

likely would have fainted from shock.

"How wonderful it must be to sleep

here each night, and wake here each

morning," said the youth. "One day,

I, too, wish to live here."

"Do you mean to smite me and steal

my home?" asked the Windwyrm.

The youth tilted his head, confusion

scrawled across his face, and asked

if they could not live there together.

"Fool boy," chuckled the Windwyrm.

"Such outlandish ideas will doubtless

be your ruin."

"Humans offer dragons tribute in

return for our divine protection;

that is how it has always been,

and how it shall always be.

Our kinds cannot live together."

"I care not for the past," said the

youth. "Can we not come to

understand each other, Windwyrm?

Can we not coexist?"

The Windwyrm was struck silent by

the young man's sincere gaze.

How could this boy—this nobody—

have such grand aspirations?

That single, salient proposal would

utterly reshape the way humans and

dragons had interacted since time


Centuries have passed since then.

Countless bards and poets have

tried to recount the story of the

Windwyrm and the youth's fateful


But the brave young man—Alberius—

is long gone. The only one alive who

knows the true events of that day is

the Windwyrm himself.


  • Midgardsormr ist benannt nach dem altnordischen Namen der Midgardschlange, Miðgarðsormr.


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